Small Ord Point (Daylight Rock Cave), Caldey Island, Pembrokeshire

NGR: SS 1498 9660

NPRN: 276053

SMR: 3571, 7343

SAM: Pe 246

CCR: 1072

Excavation: J. Van Nedervelde 1953-4; A. David, 1988.

Curation: Tenby Museum; National Museum of Wales, Cardiff (63.336).

Burials: MNI: 2+

Finds: Peterborough ware pottery, Mesolithic flints, animal bones.

Date: Mesolithic and Romano-British (1).

14C: 8655 bp (OxA-7686), 1635 (OxA-7685) on human bone. 8850 to 9040 bp (OxA-2245 to 2247) on charcoal.


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