Priory Farm Cave (Cat's Hole Cave), Pembroke, Pembrokeshire

NGR: SM 9789 0183

NPRN: 92727

SMR: 14211

SAM: Pe 435

CCR: 931

Excavation: E.L. Dixon & A. Hurrell Style, 1906-07; R.N.E. Barton, & C.R. Price, 1999.

Curation: National Museum of Wales, Cardiff.

Burials: MNI: 5+ (4 adult, 1 juvenile).

Finds: Upper Palaeolithic flint artefacts, bronze artefacts, hammerstones, Bronze Age and medieval pottery,worked human bone, animal bones.

Date: Neolithic (1) Late Bronze Age (1) and Iron Age (1)

14C: 4950 bp (OxA-10647, redated to 4631 bp, OxA-22988) on human bone; 2814 bp (OxA-12746) on human bone; 2300 bp (OxA-10648, redated to 2133, OxA-22989) on human bone.


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