Paviland Cave (Goat's Hole), Rhossili, Swansea

NGR: SS 4371 8588

NPRN: 300251

SMR: 00118W

SAM: Gm 504

CCR: 1093

Excavation: J. Traherne et al., 1822-23; O.R. Vivian, 1909; W.J. Sollas, 1912; D. Garrod, 1926; J.G. Rutter, 1943; S. Aldhouse-Green, 1997.

Curation: University Museum, Oxford; Ashmolean Museum, Oxford; Natural History Museum, London; Swansea Museum; National Museum of Wales, Cardiff; Bolton Museum; Manchester Museum.

Burials: MNI: 3

Finds: Flint and chert artefacts, worked bone and ivory, animal bones.

Date: Palaeolithic (1), Mesolithic (1).

14C: 28,870 bp (OxA-16412), 19,490 bp (OxA-16413), 28,400 (OxA-16502), 28,820 bp (OxA-16503) on human bone (Paviland 1); 7190 bp (OxA-681) on human bone (Paviland 2).


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