Ogof-yr-Ychen (Cave of the Oxen), Pembrokeshire, Dyfed

NGR: SS 1464 9691


SMR: 7448, 10416, 11992, 11993

CCR: 1062

Excavation: J. van Nedervelde,1970-75, 1984.

Curation: National Museum of Wales, Cardiff (91.8H, Z/1983/076).

Burials: MNI: 4+ (3 adults, 1 juvenile).

Finds: Mesolithic & Neolithic flints; early Neolithic bowl; Romano-British artefacts; animal bones.

Date: Mesolithic and Neolithic (1)

14C: 7020 bp (OxA-2574), 8280, 8210, 8415, 7880 bp (OxA-7690, 7691, 7741, 7742), 8760 bp (OxA-10616, redated 8465 bp, OxA-22987) on human bone; 8597 bp (UBA-32282) on human bone; 4819 bp (UBA-32283) on human bone.


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