Nanna's Cave, Caldey Island, Pembrokeshire

NGR: SS 1458 9698

NPRN: 305461

SMR: 4249 to 4254, 4894, 11996, 13073

SAM: Pe 425

CCR: 1065

Excavation: 1858; J.C. Carter & W. Clarke, 1911; A.L. Leach, 1913; J. van Nedervelde, 1950-51 & 1973-86.

Curation: Tenby Museum; National Museum of Wales, Cardiff (63.335, 88.67H, 90.57H, 91.9H, 91.18H).

Burials: MNI: 4+ (3 adults, 1 juvenile).

Finds: Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic flint flakes and scrapers, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age & Romano-British artefacts, worked antler, shale armlet, glass bead, animal bones.

Date: Neolithic (1)

14C: 4560, 4520 bp (OxA-7739, OxA-7740) on human bone.


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