Little Hoyle Cave (Longbury Bank Cave), Penally, Pembrokeshire

NGR: SS 1117 9996

NPRN: 305459

SMR: 7722, 11649

SAM: Pe 428

CCR: 934

Excavation: H.H. Winwood, 1866; G.N. Smith, 1870; W. Power & E.Laws, 1877; Rolleston et al., 1878; McBurney, 1958-63; S. Green, 1984-86.

Curation: Tenby Museum; Manchester Museum; Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography; National Museum of Wales, Cardiff (86.33H).

Burials: MNI: approx 17

Finds: Flint artefacts; Neolithic pottery and flints (on adjacent open surface), Romano-British and Dark age artefacts, animal bones.

Date: Early Neolithic (1)

14C: 4660, 4750, 4880, 4930 bp (OxA-3303 to 3306) on human bone


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