Lesser Garth Cave, Radyr and Morganstown, Cardiff

NGR: ST 1255 8211

NPRN: 307799

SMR: 00593S

CCR: 1196

Excavation: T.E. Lewis, 1912-14; R.E.M. Wheeler, 1922; M.S. Hussey, 1963-64.

Curation: National Museum of Wales, Cardiff (20.359, 64.135).

Burials: MNI: 2+ (1 adult, 1 juvenile).

Finds: Flint artefacts, Middle Bronze Age pottery, Romano-British pottery, Dark Age metalwork, bone artefacts, animal bones.

Date: Early and Late Medieval (1)

14C: 264 bp (UBA-10642), 726bp (UBA-10639), 1109bp (UBA-25584), 1435bp (UBA-10641), 1572bp (UBA-10640) on human bone.


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