Gop Cave, Trelawnyd & Gwaenysgor, Flintshire

NGR: SJ 0863 8008

NPRN: 306726

SMR: 102261, 102262, 102263, 102264

SAM: Fl 067

CCR: 912

Excavation: W.B. Dawkins, 1886; J.H. Morris, 1909-14; W.H. Stead et al., 1958.

Curation: Manchester Museum; Chester Museum; National Museum of Wales, Cardiff (19.252, 19.259, 20.339, 36.632/1-9, 47.101/26-39, 61.381, 92.230H).

Burials: MNI: 14

Finds: Peterborough Ware pottery, flint knife, leaf-shaped arrowhead, Craig Lwyd stone axe, jet artefacts, animal bones.

Date: Neolithic (1)

14C: 4840 bp (OxA-10645, redated 4414 bp, OxA-22991); 4570 bp (OxA-10646, redated 4381 bp, OxA-22992); 4350 bp (OxA-10644, redated 4357 bp, OxA-22990) on human bone.


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