Carsington Pasture Cave, Carsington, Derbyshire

NGR: SK 2415 5368

NMR: SK 25 SW 40

SMR: 3489

SAM: -

DCR: 343

Excavation: A.T. Chamberlain, 1998-1999.

Curation: University of Sheffield.

Burials: MNI: 34 (16 adults, 18 juveniles).

Finds: Flint flake, perforated bone pin, worked antler, cutmarked human bones, prehistoric pottery, Roman artefacts, animal bones.

Date: Late Neolithic and Iron Age (1)

14C: 4820 bp (UBA-29003) on human bone; 4808 bp (UBA-29004) on human bone; 3980 bp (OxA-9930), 2435 bp (OxA-9806) on human bone; 5145 bp (OxA-9936) on animal bone.


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