Three Holes Cave, Torbryan, Devon

NGR: SX 8153 6747

NMR: SX 86 NW 8

SMR: DV 8579

SAM: -

DCCR: 553

Excavation: J.L. Widger, 1865-1880; A. Rosenfeld, 1955-1961; A. Roberts, 1990-1992.

Curation: British Museum and Natural History Museum, London.

Burials: MNI: 1+

Finds: Upper Palaeolithic flint artefacts; Neolithic and Bronze Age pottery, polished stone axe, leaf-shaped arrowheads, animal bones.

Date: Romano-British (1)

14C: 11,970 bp (OxA-1499), 12,350 bp (OxA-1500), 11,520 bp (OxA-1501) on animal bone; 4450 bp (I-549) on charcoal; 1540 bp (OxA-3210) on human bone.


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