Bridged Pot Shelter, St Cuthbert Out, Somerset

NGR: ST 5258 4868

NMR: ST 54 NW 30

SMR: S 24332

SAM: -

MCRA: 110

Excavation: H.E. Balch, 1926-1927; C.B.M. McBurney, 1958.

Curation: Wells and Mendip Museum; Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography; Bolton Museum; UBSS Museum.

Burials: MNI: ? 1+

Finds: Neolithic and Bronze Age pottery including beaker; polished flint axe; flint knife, scraper and flakes; animal bones.

Date: : Neolithic or EBA (2)

14C: 8890bp (BM-2102) on animal bone


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