Bone Hole (Long's Cave), Cheddar, Somerset

NGR: ST 4804 5472

NMR: ST 45 SE 9

SMR: S 10389

SAM: -

MCRA: 727

Excavation: W. Long & W.B. Dawkins, 19th century; Mendip Caving Group, 1967.

Curation: Wells and Mendip Museum (human and animal bone, pottery), Bristol City Museum (human and animal bone), Natural History Museum (human bone), Oxford University Museum of Natural History (animal bone).

Burials: MNI: 18+ (13+ adult, 5 juvenile).

Finds: Romano-British pottery; early Beaker pottery, animal bones.

Date: : EBA, Roman and Early Medieval (1)

14C: 3489 bp (BRAMS-1262) 1884 bp (BRAMS-1259), 1304 bp (BRAMS-1260), 1282 bp (BRAMS-1261).


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