Sand 1 Rock Shelter, Applecross, Highland

NGR: NG 6844 4917


Canmore: 192295

SCD: 1658

Excavation: K. Hardy, 1999-2000.

Curation: ?

Burials: MNI: 2+ (isolated teeth: 1 adult, 1 juvenile).

Finds: Lithic artefacts, prehistoric pottery, polished stone axe, worked bone and shell artefacts, glass beads, post-medieval pottery and glass, animal bones.

Date: Bronze Age (1)

14C: 3615 bp (AA-50698) on human tooth


Hardy, K. & Wickham-Jones, C. (2000) Inner Sound, Highland, survey and excavation. Discovery and Excavation in Scotland 1: 44.

Hardy, K. & Wickham-Jones, C., editors (2009) Mesolithic and later sites around the Inner Sound, Scotland: the work of the Scotland’s First Settlers project 1998-2004. Scottish Archaeological Internet Report 31. Available at:

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