Carding Mill Bay I, Kilmore and Kilbride, Argyll and Bute

NGR: NM 847 294

NMR: NM82NW 20

Canmore: 22947

SCD: 1078

Excavation: Lorn Archaeological and Historical Society, 1990.

Curation: ?

Burials: MNI: 5+

Finds: Bronze Age food vessel, Bronze Age flint, worked antler, quartz artefacts.

Date: Neolithic (1)

14C: 4800, 4830, 4690, 4330 bp (OxA-7663, 7664, 7665, 7890) on human bone. 4765, 5190 bp (OxA-3739, 3740) on bone and antler; 5060, 4980 bp (GU-2796, 2797) on charcoal; 5440, 5410 bp (GU-2898, 2899) on marine shell.


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