Ardrossan Shell Mound, Ardrossan, North Ayrshire

NGR: NS 2313 4218


Canmore: 41144

SCD: 1081

Excavation: J. Smith, 1894.

Curation: National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland (HR 840-6).

Burials: MNI: 1+.

Finds: Bone artefacts, stone sinker, glazed pottery, animal bones.

Date: Unknown (5)

14C: -


Anon (1931) Donations to and purchases for the Museum and Library. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland 65: 298.

Smith, J. (1894) The Ardrossan shell-mound, with an account of its excavation. Archaeol Hist Collect Ayr Galloway 7: 62-74.

Smith, J. (1895) Prehistoric Man in Ayrshire. Elliot Stock, London.

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