Jubilee Cave (Tratman's Cave), Langcliffe, North Yorkshire

NGR: SD 8376 6551


SMR: YD 3777

SAM: NY 324, 13247

Excavation: Settle Cave Exploration Committee, 1871; T. Lord & T.L. Frankland, 1935-1938.

Curation: T.C. Lord; Department of Geology, University of Leicester.

Burials: MNI: 5 (4 adults, 1 juvenile)

Finds: Mesolithic flints; Peterborough Ware, IA and RB artefacts; animal bones.

Date: Neolithic (1)

14C: 4766 bp (UBA-32285) on human bone; 4836 bp (OxA-14262) on human bone


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