Wetton Mill Rock Shelter (Nan Tor Cave), Wetton, Staffordshire

NGR: SK 0952 5619

NMR: SK 05 NE 23

SMR: 02654, 05256-9

SAM: -

DCR: 703

Excavation: Phoenix Old Mine and Cave Research Society, 1962; J.H. Kelly, 1970s.

Curation: Stoke on Trent Museum; Buxton Museum.

Burials: MNI: 9 (2 adults, 7 juveniles).

Finds: Mesolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age flint and bone tools; Neolithic and Bronze Age pottery; Romano-British artefacts; Medieval and Post-Medieval pottery; animal bones.

Date: Neolithic or Bronze Age (4)

14C: 8847 bp (Q-1127) on animal bone from Mesolithic levels.


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