Ossiferous Fissure (Cave C8), Whitwell, Derbyshire

NGR: SK 5335 7415

NMR: SK 57 SW 34

SMR: -

SAM: -

Excavation: W.L.H. Duckworth & F.E. Swainson, 1894.

Curation: Sedgwick Museum, Cambridge; University Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography, Cambridge.

Burials: MNI: 1+

Finds: Quartzite and flint flakes, animal bones.

Date: Unknown (5)

14C: -


Duckworth, W.L.H. & Swainson, F.E. (1895) A new ossiferous fissure in Creswell Crags. Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London 51: 237.

Jenkinson, R.D.S. (1984) Creswell Crags. British Archaeological Reports British Series 122. B.A.R., Oxford.

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