Middleton Dale (Eyam Dale Quarry), Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire

NGR: SK 22- 76-

NMR: SK 27 NW 112

SMR: 5463

SAM: -

Excavation: 1934.

Curation: ?

Burials: MNI: 12+

Finds: Animal bones.

Date: Unknown (5)

14C: -


Daniel, C. (1938) The Plague Village. A History of Eyam. Warrington, Tideswell.

Marsden, B. (1994) The Burial Mounds of Derbyshire. 4th edition, privately printed.

Patten, C.J. and MacConaill, A.M. (1935) Skeletal remains found in a limestone crevice. Journal of Anatomy 70: 193-195.

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