Carden Park Rock Shelter, Farndon, Cheshire

NGR: SJ 464 539

NMR: SJ 45 SE 28

SMR: 1767/0/1

SAM: -

Excavation: K.J. Matthews and A. Sinclair, 1996-1999.

Curation: ?

Burials: MNI: 1

Finds: Mesolithic artefacts, Neolithic polished axe fragment, Beaker and Early Bronze Age pottery, animal bone.

Date: Unknown (5)

14C: -


Matthews, K. (2000) Carden Park. The archaeology of a multi-period landscape. Available at

Ponsford, M. (2001) Post-medieval Britain and Ireland in 2000. Post-Medieval Archaeology 35: 134.

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