Beeston Tor Cave CX, Wetton, Staffordshire

NGR: SK 1079 5405

NMR: -

SMR: 04137

SAM: -

DCR: 628

Excavation: A. Chamberlain, 2009.

Curation: University of Manchester

Burials: MNI: 8 (4 adults, 4 juveniles).

Finds: : Flint and chert artefacts, prehistoric and historic pottery, animal bones.

Date: Neolithic (1)

14C: 3800-3650 BC, 2800-2500 BC on human bone.


Chamberlain, A. et al. (2009) Archaeological investigations at Cave CX, Beeston Tor, Wetton, Staffordshire: an interim report on the 2009 excavation. Unpublished report prepared for the National Trust.

Papakonstantinou, N. (2009) Human Skeletal Remains from Neolithic Caves in the Peak District: an Osteoarchaeological and Taphonomic Approach. Unpublished MSc dissertation, Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield.

Trent and Peak Archaeological Trust (1993) Manifold Valley, Staffordshire, Cave Survey. Trent and Peak Archaeological Trust and RCHME.

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