As noted on the previous page, the online cave burial gazetteers were first hosted in the online journal of this name, frequently known and cited as "CAPRA" for short and published from 1999 to 2007. Although the original hosting has now gone, archive copies are available via the web archive service, known colloquially as the Wayback Machine. Links to pages held in this archive do not ordinarily show up in searches and so we have compiled, below, a brief index to the contents of each issue along with links to each issue in the archive.

This archiving is an automated process and, unfortunately, it does not save everything that may have been on the original, especially images and articles, usually in pdf format, that were hosted elsewhere. Where possible, we shall add relevant links to the index, below. If anyone knows of any links that we may have missed, please contact either the compiler, Prof. Andrew Chamberlain or the editor Graham Mullan.


CAPRA Issue 1. 1999

CAPRA Issue 2. 2000

CAPRA Issue 3. 2001

CAPRA Issue 4. 2002

CAPRA Issue 5. 2003

CAPRA Issue 6. 2004

CAPRA Issue 7. 2007

Updated July 2015

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